Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus)

ORDER: Suliformes

FAMILY: Sulidae

Mid-April 2022

The all-white Northern Gannets are adults.

The brownish-colored are the juveniles.

  A few Northern Gannets we’re still here and fueling up likely for their spring migration North. These birds can hit the water at 65mph, plunging and then swimming up to 72’ deep below the surface to catch a fish. They swim underwater with their wings and specialized feet mostly adapted for propulsion in water, instead of walking on land. They really can’t walk very well on land as being Pelagic, they are very rarely on land. I haven’t seen them in about 2-3 weeks so safe travels and looking forward to seeing you next winter.

Alcatraz Atlántico (Spanish), Fou de Bassan (French), side note, I love Spanish and very much love French! I know enough Spanish to find food, a bathroom, and beer 😁. Someday I’ll learn some French! Shot in mid-April from the beach in Indialantic, Florida. The gannets were feeding on small baitfish with the pelicans.

Shot on @sonyalpha #A1 & #sony #600mm #northerngannet #northerngannets #gannets #gannetsofinstagram #sulidae #gannetsfeeding #Morusbassanus #AlcatrazAtlántico #FoudeBassan


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