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Joel Cohen 

I am a semi-retired business owner and I spend most of my days photographing and learning about nature and wildlife. I believe nature is the closest thing to perfection, so... nature is perfection. I constantly read non-fiction books about animals and wildlife and especially on animal biology and behavior. I am also a science and technology nerd. I volunteer with numerous animal conservation groups and do my best to learn from the best in those fields. Often times I get to learn directly from biologists, veterinarians, or any other scientist in the field. I have learned so much already. I am learning how to explain through photography and videography, that we humans are so very much connected to and part of nature and we must learn how to protect it. Biodiversity is how we humans came into and stay in existence. It's not about saving the bees, saving the turtles, or saving the whales. It is actually about saving humans! Any purchase from my site directly contributes to my work helping and volunteering with numerous non-profit animal conservation groups. If you have any questions, please email me at Joel@JoelLikesToPhoto.com

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